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Composer Järvinen Pekka Johannes Use pseudonym:
Ahti Viola
Järvinen Albert
A little love story
All the way to the end
Bourbon street
Braindamage - or still alive
Brand new sucker
Car drivin man
City girls
Dan the man
Don't lie to me
Down the line
Duke brothers live at taxmans paradise
Everythings alright
Freezing like crying playing
Get along
Get on
Going to california
Heads off
Hello heidi
Hey groupie
Hip down
Hot matter
I love you anyway
I'd rather go blind
It ain't what you do
Just for you
Keep me warm
Kings of power
Kinky reggae
L a shuffle
Last jump
Let's drink today
Let's go rocking tonight
Let's have a ball
Lipstick man
Made in sweden
Mirror tower
Mister x
More is that youll give / get
Mr clarke
My joy
My sweet lily
News news
Night funk
Oh yeah
Oowee oohla
Open half wide
Patchy moss
Peace and harmony
Pink cadillac
Pretty mona
Public jump
Ragin on
Red house
Rise of the kantele
Rock me
Rocking belly
Rockn roller
Rolling bones
Roy on flash top
Satur'ly night club
Singing the memory
Somebody help me
Song for the sons
Specii quattour
Split it up
Tribute to pidgeon
We'll ooh
Whorehouse queen
Together 79 titles

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Vuonna 1901 - 1979 ilmestyneitten äänitteiden aineiston kokoaminen kirjoista ja äänitteistä: Olli-Pekka Puranen