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Säveltäjä Pembroke Jim Käytti salanimeä:
Hot Thumbs O Riley
Kowalzskij Jim
O'Riley Thumbs Hot
4 million telephones
A date with mr blues
A date with mr marstio
Aamun tulo
All in a word
All over too soon
Another telephone call
Answer to life
Any day
Atomi yökerho
Beach party
Bertha come back
Better hold and a little view a
Beyond the waves
Big bottle blues
Blue falls
Bomb out
Borders to be crossed
Boy from the iron range
Cabin song
Call me on your telephone
Can't stand dancing
Captain supernatural
Changing tunes
Cherry cup cake twist
Corporal punishment
Cosmic rot
Cossack frantique
Currently cheesing
Daemon duncetan's request
Dancin john
Days of love
De soto sweet
Dean martin boosing society blues
Decline of the house of lords
Desert of love
Do soto sweet
Do the pigworm
Down ol woody lane
Dream anything about you
Dreamyard tonite
Drinks at the cairo bar
Dust my shovel
Earring is believing
East ist red
Emma's song
Every fold
False alarm
Fifty six bars
Flagships on the sun
Friend from the fields
Geographical and astronomical
Global backyard
Glory road
Goddammaddog the horse
Golden days
Grass for blades
Greasy kids stuff
Green dollar
Grim affair a
Haminan viivi
Happiest days of your life
Hard top lincoln
Harmless vibration
Helsinki nights
Henry's cancelled holiday plans
Henry's chastly and diabolical mistakes
Henry's concentration camp brochere
Henry's ears eyes girlfriend and feet
Henry's hard and horny
Henry's highway code
Henry's milk round in the morning
Henry's mountain range or thereabouts
Hey hey hey
Highway code
Honey i'm leaving
Hot city
How to make it big in hospital
Hänen silmissään
Hörppää ydinvoimaa
I don't mind i got mine
I go to pieces
Ice city
In dreams for them
International disaster
Island town
It keeps a growin
Jordanian holiday
Juicy lucy
June may be too late
Just my situation
Kielon jäähyväiset
Kiire kesään
Knockknockknock the revolution of love
Kolmen leijonan lilja
Kun yö hyväilee
Kuolevat lehdet
Kurt cobain
Let the world ramble on
Life is a jigsaw
Long lost cousin
Lost without a trace
Lämpö jää
Maestro mercy
Marvelry skimmer
Masquerade at the white palace
Mennään mennään
Midnight at noon
Misty island
Mountain range or thereabouts
Must be the devil
Nashville co-writers plan
Neiti syyskuu
Never turn you in
Night cap
Niin se käy
Nine times high
Nixon pekingissä
No flies on autrie
No more terra firma
No new games to play
Nuclear dustman's ball
Nuclear nightclub
Nuku pommiin
Nythän on niin
Oh marlene
On this summer night
One little boat
Only dreaming
Only lonely
Out in rockin ol galway
Pain before pleasure
Paint it michael and others maybe
Party upstairs
Pitcairn island
Please mr wilson
Please mr. wilson
Pleasure street
Reggae ok
Reggae ok ( live 98 )
Resigned to surrender
Revolution and roller
Rocking old galway
Runnin out of time
Saigon shakes
Sane again
Semi circle solitude
Semi-circle solitude
Set my hair on fire
She drops ya yesterday
Silver jubilee
Simple human kindness
Since i ain't got you
Skobiit party civilised session
Snake eyes up
Stars in the water
Stay by you
Straight and narrow
Street cafe
Sulle vaan
Sun luokses tuun
Sunday in gopher gulch
Sunny southside of new mexico
Sweet berry wine
Sweet marie
Sweet revelation
Tangled up in love
Tango in space
Tanssijan taival
Telephone number
That's the way it goes
Think about it
Tiedän että palaat
Time to make a stand
Tiptoe through the graveyard
Toinen mies
Tombstone valentine
Too many hours
Tropical trouble
Uutisten jälkeen
Veronica hillside
Viesti vastaajasta
Warm rumours
When you stay
Where's boris
White suspenders
Wicked ivory
Wide sea
Wishful thinker
Wolf at the door
Yö on onnellisin
Zydeco baby
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