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Composer Viitamies Tommi Juhana Use pseudonym:
Miner Tom
Any trouble will do
Anyone for heartaches
Bookkeepers plight
Class hatred
Dad's little slip
Down in the canteen
Few real slaps
French resistance
Going straight
Groovy engagement
I fell like rome
I'll keep it hidden
Keep it up keep it up keep it up
Little women
Love speaks out
Man overboard
Man with a memory
Mess with me
Pillars of the past
Playing house
Popular boy
Second nature
Slur like a loose much
Something that hits me
Stand up comedian
Swinging on the edge of the ridiculous
Talk to me
Talks to me
To get things done
Trigger happy girl
Twintown affair
Unexpected burst of life
Wasn't born to swallow
Young immortals
Together 36 titles

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Vuonna 1901 - 1979 ilmestyneitten äänitteiden aineiston kokoaminen kirjoista ja äänitteistä: Olli-Pekka Puranen