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Performer Barnshakers
Barndance stomp
Be good be have or be gone
Bless my soul
Blue smoke behind the mountains
Bonaparte's retreat
Boogie in the barn
C'mon and call me
Choo choo train
Coming home soon
Connie lou
Cool enough
Evil and mean
Fancy dan
Fast jivin
Flippin away
Gimme that drink
Hard working daddy
Heart trouble
Heartbreaker's school
Hey baby
High class baby
Hocus pocus
Honey did you tell me your name
Hooked on you
Hot and spicy
I couldn't care less
I love you honey
I want it all
Kissin the car wash
Lily dale
Little things
Loosin the game of love
Lover come back to me
Old sweat stale beer and cheap parfume
Please believe me
Please help me
Rocket trip
Rockin beauty
Roker stroll
Shake the barn
She done quit me
She likes to bop
She's no longer there
Sioux squaw
So doggone blue
Take your hands off of my baby
Tennessee rag
Time to stomp
When i take my sugar to tea
Whenever you're ready
Who's gonna be the next one honey
Wiggle like a worm
Wildest sound on earth
You're gone
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Vuonna 1901 - 1979 ilmestyneitten äänitteiden aineiston kokoaminen kirjoista ja äänitteistä: Olli-Pekka Puranen