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Label Goofin' grcd 6100 ( cd )CD-levy
Album titleGoofin' around - a compilation of goofin record 1984 - 1999
TitlePerformer Arranged Recorded
Ain't i the lucky one Young Shaun 1999
Ain't that a dilly Silver Bullet's 1999
Big blond baby Mr. Breathless 1999
Black horse Wanglers 1999
Bottle Ellis Lesley And The Angry Teens 1994
Buzzsaw drive Buzzsaw 1999
Cat talk Whistle Bait 1987
Chicken Campi Ray - Peters Hal 1992
Coming to get you Housewreckers 1991
Cotton patch hop Slap Sally Combo 1996
Desert rose Go Getters 1999
Don't bug me baby Something Else 1999
Don't bye bye baby me Silver Bullet's 1999
Glendora Bird Dogs 1985
Gone gone gone Peters Hal 1999
Grandma rock 'n' roll Wildfire Willie And The Ramblers 1999
Hello from nowhere Housewreckers 1991
Hey little dreamboat Mary Ann 1999
Hi-fi baby Dr. Snout And His Hogs Of Rhythm 1999
Hocus pocus Barnshakers 1999
I got love if you want it Slippers 1999
I love you honey Barnshakers 1999
I wanna rock Bird Dogs 1985
In my dreams Kitty 1999
It's the beat Mencher Sean 1999
Jumpin' jukebox Bird Dogs 1999
Life begins at 4 o'clock Rockin' 8-Balls 1999
Local boy Infernos 1999
Lonesome for a letter Ballroomers 1999
Long black train Peters Hal - Raittinen Paavo 1990
Los flying tortillas Tortilla Flat 1991
Love my baby Infernos 1999
Love's not fair Deathrow 1999
Not for nothing Mencher Sean 1999
Oklahoma baby Leslie Ellis 1999
Play my boogie Buzzsaw 1999
Roadkill Go Getters 1999
Rockin' beauty High Noon 1999
Roker stroll Barnshakers - Higham Darrel 1998
Sombrero Big Bertha - Bulldozers 1995
Stranger things High Noon 1995
Strangers when we meet Dell-Tones 1999
Switch blade stomp Dickerson Deke - Mencher Sean 1999
Säkkijärven polkka Söderberg Arno 1999
Tribute to buddy holly Housewreckers 1999
Tweedlee dee Peters Hal 1999
Way down yonder in new orleans Ragtime Wranglers - Ranch Girls 1995
Whistlin' for you Whistle Bait 1999
Why do you treat me this way Jive Bombers 1999
Wiggle like a worm Barnshakers 1999
Windy and warm Peabody Lester 1999
You can't make love to somebody Rockin' 8-Balls 1999

Titles in this record 52 pieces.

Vanhoja levyjä kannattaa kysyä antikvariaateista, listan niistä löydät sivuilta.
Vuonna 1901 - 1979 ilmestyneitten äänitteiden aineiston kokoaminen kirjoista ja äänitteistä: Olli-Pekka Puranen