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Lyricist Peltola Ilari Use pseudonym:
Best years
Bird of paradise
Black bird
Blinded by the light
Blue angel
Break my heart
Built to destroy
Buy this town
Can you dig it
Cemetery walls
Completely alone
Crazy diamonds
Crazy river
Criminal single version
El dorado
God forsaken man
Good morning headache
Hellhounds on my tail
I want somebody
I was a winesoaked crystalsuckin fool
In the dead of a night
Into my blood
Johnny the pusher
Leaving the planet
Little c
Little c++t
Little c++t single version
Little sister
Long lost love
Look around
Lucky one
Machine gun stoneage
Mad about you
Mad animal shuffle
Mad animal suffle
Moonshine chile
Mudcat blues
Nearby the hangingtree
No peace on earth
Oh lord
On the run
Only salvation
Pass that bottle
Rattlesnake bite
Roses have faded
Run rabbit run
Russian fields
Set me free
Set my love on you
Shade of the blade
She looks like a doll
Skin alley
So high the moon
Some fun
Somewhere out of the day
Strange kinda fever
Street hog blues
Sweetest confusion
Tenfoot cell
This little girl has gone insane
Through the glass
Time of wine and flowers
Trust on you
Walkin on the wire
Walking on the wire
Weird is the sea
Wide awake
Wizard of your mind
Wonderful ride
You're all i have
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Vuonna 1901 - 1979 ilmestyneitten äänitteiden aineiston kokoaminen kirjoista ja äänitteistä: Olli-Pekka Puranen